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Welcome to this Space of Light!

Guidance and energetic-spiritual work by video-conference

For those who want to go further with me, here is some information to know:

- High reactivity: response within 12 to 24 hours;

- all aspects of your life can be approached: couple, family,

finances, work, health, ...;

- Sine Qua Non condition to be able to have access to this session:

        Agree to take full responsibility for your life ;


- The biggest Change, the biggest Victory will take place inside

from you for the rest of your life ...;


- I do not promise you the impossible, but the impossible will be done in

measure of what is in accord with the divine Plan;


- So, are you ready to make the necessary changes to

change your life?


- Free participation in costs (Donativo).

You give what you think is right or according to your resources

financial (0 € -… €), the quality of the work will be exactly the same

whatever your contribution.

Cost of the session as an indication (40 € / 1h)


Contact procedure:


1. send me a private email via the following link.

Describe clearly and succinctly the situation and your request

+ your hourly availability

+ give me your skype username or what's app

all in a few lines (10-15 lines maximum);


2. you end with the sentence:

      “I accept to be fully responsible for my life. " ;


3. I will get back to you to make an appointment;


4.if necessary, a 5-minute interview can be scheduled

to assess if something can be done in your situation-

request in case of doubt (time factor, interference or not,

achievable, ...);

In advance, a big thank you for writing your success stories in the

guestbook testimonials here.

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